To flight cancer effectively

we first need to study and understand its inner workings

Translational Genomics Program

The POETIC Translational Genomics Program is one of our newest programs designed to harness cutting-edge research approaches and technology in order to gain a better understanding of the fundamental biology and genetics of pediatric cancer and to drive the development of new and individualized approaches to cancer treatment (precision medicine) for children.

While precision medicine is at the forefront of adult cancer treatment, this approach is in the preliminary stages in children. The lack of a clear understanding of the biologic and genetic makeup of childhood cancer has hampered the utility of this approach in children. Through a multi-layered method of analysis, a system has been created to evaluate the genetic landscape of pediatric cancer in the context of the environment in which the cancer is developing. Through this approach, our researchers are hoping to detect the genetic changes driving the growth and spread of childhood cancers.

Until recently, genome testing has been a routine practice for very few children. The POETIC Translational Genomics Program utilizes an inclusive and humanitarian approach – it aims to sample, analyze, and store tumors from children around the world in order to better understand cancer in children and the influence that the child’s background has on their cancer and potential outcome.


As part of the Translational Genomics Program, we oversee and operate a number of specialized labs that research and study the inner workings of pediatric cancers and develop novel drugs that can stop them.


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To flight cancer effectively

we first need to study and understand its inner workings