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Innovative programs

The members of POETIC have made it their personal goal to aggressively search for new ways to treat pediatric cancers. The strength of POETIC stems from each member's individual expertise and commitment to working together to further cancer research. By studying the biology of cancer and how specific drugs affect those cancers, we can discover new and more effective treatments for children.

Having established a strong foothold in both the scientific and pharmaceutical industries, we have successfully built the infrastructure needed to conduct industry-sponsored trials. With continued partnerships amongst the world's leading biological and technical firms, we are able to broaden our knowledge and transform it into novel clinical advancements.

We also run a number of research initiatives and clinical trials that are catalysts to discovery. By gathering knowledge and insights from various resources, we are positioning ourselves for growth to therapeutic outreach on a global scale.

Biology initiatives

To help advance our research, we operate a series of biology initiatives. These centers of excellence are integral to POETIC's commitment to building an extensive knowledge base of biology of pediatric, adolescent, and young adult cancers, and translating what we've learned directly into new therapeutic approaches. Ultimately our goal is to use the information we acquire not only to improve therapy for patients in our trials, but to also help develop treatment for those in need around the world.

Clinical trials

One of our goals is to provide and conduct early clinical trials with a primary emphasis on rational, biologically based drug development.  We use findings from our biology initiatives to design clinical trials that encourage inclusion of promising agents. These trials help to increase the access to and availability of new agents to pediatric cancer patients.

Our latest trials

Our members provide the research strength needed to execute and complete intensive phase I and II studies of novel treatment agents.

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Streamlined processes and data collection

Since our organization consists of many resources all over the world, we have to standardize our operations to insure the utmost quality and consistency in our research. By streamlining our  organizational processes, like protocol review and budgeting, we can focus on the work that matters most.

Running like a well-oiled machine

We have streamlined some of our organization processes to provide quick and accurate trial setup.

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Connecting resources

worldwide to answer cancer's toughest questions