Aru Narendran


Assistant Professor of Oncology and Pediatrics

+1 403-210-6418

The Preclinical and Drug Discovery Laboratory

At the University of Calgary/Alberta Children's Hospital

The POETIC Preclinical and Drug Discovery Laboratory is housed in the existing laboratory of Dr. Aru Narendran at the Health Research Innovation Centre (HRIC) in the University of Calgary medical school complex.

One of the main roles of this facility is to identify new drugs and drug regimens that could be effective for treating pediatric cancers. The Narendran Laboratory, which consists of dedicated students, technicians and postdoctoral fellows, focuses on understanding why some children fail to be cured and ultimately aims to discover effective new therapies. The pediatric cancer specific cell lines and animal models established in this laboratory help to evaluate new medications for activity and toxicity and enable POETIC members to formulate effective clinical trials in a timely manner.


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