Charles Gawad


Principal Investigator

Harvesting biotechnologies to improve human health

At Stanford School of Medicine

The Single-Cell Genomics Lab works at the interface of biotechnology, computational biology, cellular biology, and clinical medicine to develop and apply new tools for characterizing genetic, epigenetic, and phenotypic variation across single cells within a tissue with unparalleled sensitivity and accuracy. They are focused on applying these technologies to study cancer clonal evolution while patients are undergoing treatment with the aim of identifying cancer clones that are associated with resistance to specific drugs to better understand and predict treatment response.

The lab studies the rare cancer clones that are able to survive standard and experimental treatments and have begun cataloguing genetic variants and cell states that confer resistance to those therapies.  The goal is for these variants as diagnostic biomarkers of resistance to specific drugs that inform treatment modifications, as well as to use that new knowledge to design strategies for overcoming those survival mechanisms so that more patients can be cured with less toxic treatment regimens.


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