Bodour Salhia


Assistant Professor

+1 602-343-8830

Epigenomics DNA Developmental Laboratory

At the Keck School of Medicine of USC

Dr. Bodour Salhia, an Early Career Investigator, funnels her broad and solid understanding of the mechanisms that underlie tumorigenesis towards translational medical research. Her expertise in cell biology has merged with cutting edge genomics/epigenomics analyses to enable the study of diseases such as multiple myeloma, CNS tumors, pediatric tumors and breast cancer. She merges data from molecular and cellular to approach cancer at the systems biology level. Currently, her research program is committed to using circulating DNA methylation biomarkers as better tools for cancer early detection and predicting cancer recurrence. Such blood tests would be advantageous at the time of surgery and/or after the completion of chemotherapy to indicate patients with residual metastatic disease who could benefit from additional therapy and as minimally-invasive screening strategies for detecting cancer in its earliest stages. Dr. Salhia also has expertise in developing patient-derived xenografts, which has resulted in new models of CNS metastasis, which are comprehensively characterized at the genomics and epigenomics level. The ultimate goal of these preclinical studies is to inform novel clinical trials for CNS metastasis patients.


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